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  • L'Algérie nommée meilleur pays en 2020 pour la randonnée

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    Algeria named 2020’s best country for backpacking

    pas d'image Algeria in North Africa was recently named this year’s “best country to backpack” by the British Backpacker Society (BBS), an organisation promoting travels to off-the-beaten-track areas of the world.
    With its wide range of attractions and small number of tourists, BSS believes that Algeria packs the most thrills for a backpacking adventure, as reported by Lonely Planet.
    “Lying just a short-haul flight away from the huge adventure travel communities living in Europe’s capitals, Algeria’s tourism industry is not only blessed by world-class desert scenery, delightfully hospitable people and spectacular ancient ruins, but it is also blessed by its geographical proximity to keen travellers,” BSS announced on New Year’s Day.
    With the Sahara covering up to four-fifths of the land, Algeria is home to marvellous mosques and markets, with a view of the Mediterranean coastline. It also has a mixture of Roman, Ottoman, Arab, and Byzantine heritage.
    “I have travelled to over 90 countries, and in all these travels, I have never seen a city quite like Constantine. With a deep gorge cutting straight through its city centre, historic Constantine has one of the most dramatic cityscapes on earth,” said BBS co founder, Adam Sloper, in a statement.
    Described by French writer Albert Camus as being “inhabited by the gods”, Tipaza, a little city made of roman ruins dating back 2000 years is one of the three Algerian cities on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, the other being Timgad and Djemila.
    Tlemcen, a city in the northern region of Algeria hosts a stunning mix of Berber and Arab-Andalusian culture and is home to the 11th century Grand Mosque.
    Previous number ones on the BBS’s “best country to backpack” list include Pakistan (2018) and Ethiopia’s Danakil Depression (2019).
    The full list of best countries for backpacking in 2020 according to the BBS can be viewed below:

    • Algeria
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Pakistan
    • Iran
    • Kazakhstan
    • Uzbekistan
    • Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Russia
    • Ethiopia
    • Azerbaijan
    Source: The Jakarta Post

  • Plus de 600 millions de DA pour la prise en charge des Nigériens et des Maliens en situation irrégulière

  • APS 18/11/2015

    ALGER - Une enveloppe de plus de 600 millions de DA a été consacrée en deux ans pour la prise en charge des ressortissants nigériens et maliens en situation irrégulière en Algérie, a indiqué mardi la ministre de la Solidarité nationale, de la Famille et de la Condition de la femme, Mounia Meslem.